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Frequently asked questions

  • What is a responsive website?

    It's essentially a website that is suited to today's world of smartphones, iPads, laptops and desktop computers by automatically adapting to the size of the viewer's screen.

    One of the many checks I run when producing websites is to ensure they score 100/100 when tested for user experience with Google PageSpeed Insights.

    These include points, such as avoiding plugins, sizing tap targets appropriately and using legible font sizes. Most designers would never even think of testing this, let alone insisting on a 100% pass rate.

  • My old website wasn't built for mobile devices. Is it really a problem?

    In 2009 the percentage of all global web pages served to mobile devices was around 0.7%. At the end of 2016 mobile traffic on the internet exceeded that of desktop computers and is rising at an exponential rate.

    Google already downgrades websites in their search rankings if they are not mobile friendly, so it really matters if you want your website to be seen and have a positive impact on visitors.

    According to the Google Mobile Moments Study in 2016, some 40% of all web searches on mobile devices have local intent. In other words people are looking specifically for local services and businesses in the area.

    Another researcher called Nectify found that 88% of consumers who search for a type of local business on a mobile device call or go to that business within 24 hours.

  • How long does it take to build a website?

    Every website starts as a blank page, but apart from that they are all different, both in size and complexity. I'd like to say I am super fast and I could turn your website around by lunchtime but I'm fussy and I like to do things properly.

    If you opt for the Starter four page package I can generally turn around a website in a few days, while a ten page Premium package will usually take at least a week. Larger or more particular designs are likely to require more time.

    Allowing time to experiment with ideas and fine-tune the appearance on different sized devices cannot be rushed if you want a polished result. A multitude of small tweaks eventually add up to produce something that looks just right.

    There are also countless adjustments going on behind the scenes, such as advanced font delivery and image compression algorithms that allow for the speed of the visitor's device and internet connection. All of this is far beyond what most web designers are able or willing to do, even at much higher prices.

    It's worth remembering that designing a responsive website is far more complex than conventional sites from the past. It's effectively three sites in one, but sharing the same code and web address, so it's not an easy job.

  • Can you build me a site using WordPress?

    In a word no. WordPress sites have major limitations and more security holes than a piece of Swiss cheese. It started off as a good idea, but over time WordPress has moved away from the original target as a blogging platform to become a bloated jack of all trades.

    In a sense, WordPress has become a bit like Windows, boasting impressive figures for usage, however security and usability have become points they would rather sweep under the rug.

    The truth is that hackers love WordPress, because it is used by so many people who are not security savvy and lack basic knowledge of how to keep a site secure.

    There is also a huge amount of junk added to WordPress sites by theme developers trying to turn a blogging platform into something else. In essence this turns a lean, mean blogging platform into a slow, bloated pile of PHP coding.

    From a web developer's point of view there is actually more money to be made from ongoing maintenance fixing WordPress sites than from the initial build, but I don't think that is a fair way to treat customers.

    For those who need a content management system that allows you to upload your own images etc, I can offer alternatives that are more secure, easier to operate and cheaper over the long run.

  • How much does a website cost?

    Package details can be found on the relevant pages, but there are three basic options beginning with a Starter package at just £475, including four web pages, SEO optimisation and 12 months free updates, which is ideal for a small business to get started online.

    The Premium package at £675 is essentially the same as the Starter, but covers up to 10 pages.

    The above options have been created to offer a clear, transparent solutions with fixed pricing on simple websites that will showcase your project or business, but if you require something particular, such as more pages, e-commerce or a CMS to update the site yourself I can provide Bespoke solutions that are priced individually.

    Most design agencies have a managing director, various sales people and a team of coffee makers, located in a slick studio space. It's very impressive, but as a client you are paying for all of that and it doesn't make your website any better…

    As a consequence of their huge overheads, they either do a rush job or charge a fortune, but I don't work that way. It's just myself, providing a competent and personal service at good prices.

  • Are there any additional costs?

    The Starter and Premium packages cover your design and development. There are no monthly maintenance fees, however there is a charge of £120 per year for web hosting, which includes email.

    Any costs not outlined on the package pages can effectively be considered extras, which are priced separately and mainly relate to options, such as photography, email newsletters and that sort of thing, which is typically associated with a Bespoke package.

  • What about the domain registration and web hosting?

    All websites require a domain name and this one for example is greatwebdesign.uk. This is something you should ideally register yourself, so it remains your property and in your name.

    It typically costs just a few pounds a year to retain domain ownership. I find Kualo are very helpful, while providing an easy interface to manage your domains.

    If you are struggling with this or need some clarification, just contact me and I'll help you get started, but it's really very easy and no more complicated than buying something on Amazon.

  • Can you help me with a logo or some other graphic design?

    My abilities in graphic design start and end with drawings of a badly formed stick man. It's not what I do and I like to concentrate on building websites.

    If you look around, there are many companies putting themselves forward as "full service" providers, who offer to produce logos, packaging and websites. They'll also handle your social media campaigns and run Google ad campaigns or Facebook advertising for you.

    To me this all sounds a bit fishy, rather like a jack of all trades who simply wants your money, so I don't mess about with graphic design or make bold claims about marketing and other shenanigans.

    In specific cases I am happy pointing you towards one or two graphics specialists with proven track records who concentrate on just one area and do it well.

  • Do you only work with customers in Cornwall?

    As a web designer I can work anywhere with an internet connection and it wouldn't change the services I can offer. In the same spirit I am happy to work with customers all over the world.

    If you are looking for help with photography it's generally easier if we are in reasonable proximity, but I was recently in touch with a film producer in London and a fashion photographer in New York about building them websites. As long as you have access to email or Skype we can easily discuss any work related questions you have.

  • Can you explain everything to me like a 2 year old?

    This is pretty normal and I don't expect people to be web experts. That's why I am here and happy to help. Just call or send me an email using the details on the contact page.

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